148 years of expertise in one sip

Certified Organic Guatemalan Green Coffee Production & Export

Sustainable Farming & Export

From ensuring biodiversity with Agroforestry Incentives to soil and water conservation, every step, from seed to cup contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Premium Quality & Flavour

Our Strictly Hard Bean, single-origin, Specialty green coffee, is nurtured in fertile volcanic soil.

Organic Innovation

Our cutting-edge farming practices, combined with curated natural ingredients, ensure certified excellence.

Direct Trade & Global Reach

We guarantee traceability and transparency as licensed producers and exporters.

a man walking through coffee plants
a man walking through coffee plants

Our family legacy in the Fraijanes region of Guatemala traces back to a time when coffee was introduced to this land by early explorers. At the heart of our journey stands Finca La Concha, acquired by Isidro Pivaral Batres in 1876, a farm that holds a significant place in the coffee industry, as it became the first organic coffee processing facility for exports and the founder of OCIA in Guatemala.

At El Catuai, we take great pride in our continuous pursuit of innovation, our organic and sustainable methods stand as a testament to our commitment to the highest industry standards. With more than ten Arabica varieties, grown in high altitudes and in volcanic pumice soil, each bean we cultivate delivers a high-quality cup, renowned for its bright and persistent acidity and well-rounded mouthfeel. By working in harmony with nature, we ensure the health of our land, coffee plants, and the environment.

Our dedication to transparency extends beyond the fields, as we believe in fostering genuine connections with buyers while striving for a sustainable future, protecting the environment at every step.

Organic Coffee Pioneers:

Guatemala's First Organic

Processing Facility for Exports

Ten diverse, 100% organic varieties of Arabica coffee, cultivated in higher altitudes with superior specialty cup quality with distinct flavours and aromas.

Three farms spanning in Guatemala's volcanic paradise, Fraijanes, with extensive organic coffee plantations, dairy and meat cattle breeding, mule breeding, and avocado and pineapple plantations.

Our commitment to sustainability is in every aspect of the coffee journey, from organic farming practices to our dry and wet mill processing facilities.

One Century.

Three Farms.

Ten Varieties.

One Cup.

Creating a Greener Future, Every Day.

We set the bar for delivering quality worldwide

The Highest Standards

We guarantee traceability and transparency with full supply chain control as licensed producers and exporters.

Transparency in Traceability

We prioritise trust-building by meticulously tracking our coffee's journey from origin to destination, ensuring regulatory compliance, and guaranteeing top-notch quality and authenticity.

Full Supply-Chain Control

We are proudly licensed and equipped to maintain quality, sustainability, and transparency at every step of the exporting process.

Our Commitment to High Quality & Sustainability

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